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Some tips to make the best of your Carnival experience

Going to the Sambadrome is an incredible experience, but make sure you buy the right carnival tickets so as not to end up wacthing someone´s dancing back! Here are some tips on how to get to the Sambodromo and Apoteose square and which are the fiefferences on all the Carnival sector.

The best sectors to stay in the odd-numbered side are 9, 7, 11, 5 and 3, although Sector 9 is only available through travel agencies. Here seats are reserved for tourists but prices can be much higher. This sector has numbered seats.

Sector 7 is the most expensive of these sectors because it is the most central. Both Sectors 5 and 3 are good options. None of these sectors has numbered seats. Standard sectors are different from tourist minded Sector 9: no one seats, never, but that what Rio Carnival is about, isn´t it?

Sambadrome Carnival Sectors

Of low-priced sectors, stick to Sector 1. This is the only sector in the price-range that has a good view to the samba schools entering the Sambodromo. Remember that this is not for export, this is quite close to the real Carioca experience; therefore it is very loud, exciting and lively. Be ready to dance it all along. This is young travellers favourite.

Sector 2 is the long strip with three levels of mezzanine boxes. Most have A/C, and some have other pluses such as showers, masseurs, chef! A basic box is for 12 people.

Since Sector 4 is recessed, except for the frisas on the front it is not a very good option.

Just in case, remember that there are no Sectors 8, 10 and 12. Do not buy such tickets!

Sambodromo Carnival Tickets are a magnetic card which you leave at the door and a plastic tag to hang on the neck that gives access to your sector and seat. Do not lose this!

Never buy tickets at the door!

If you want to buy a ticket safely, you can do it on-line. RioBookings has a many options from the budget to the most expensive ones. But hurry up, Carnival tickets go away quickly!

How to get to the Rio Sambadrome?

There is an officially authorized radio-taxi company to provide transfers for tourists. These comfortable, air-conditioned taxis are the only ones that can leave passengers just at the entrance of their sector. They have a fixed rate of US$40. They carry up to 4 passengers to share the fare. If you want to leave, look for them between Sectors 9 and 11 inside the Sambodromo.

Subway is the cheapest option but you´ll have to walk a bit.

Carnival is Brazil´s and, particularly Rio´s, highest season. Room Prices usually skyrocket and it may be very hard to secure quality accommodation, therefore it is very important to book in advance. All hotels provide their guests with all the necessary information on what to do near the hotel during Carnival and some even organize great Carnival balls

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